How would you like to earn money from your home while you are traveling or on vacation?

I'll show you how!

In the summer of 2016, we were taking our family of 7 on a road trip to visit friends and family. We had been saving our pennies for months. Would it be enough? We didn't want our house to sit empty. What should we do with it? I had stayed in an Airbnb home a year prior and realized how many more amenities the house offered over a hotel and how wonderful it was to stay in a place that felt like, a home. I asked my husband, "What if we did Airbnb? That would be CRAZY, right?!?" After 21+ reservations, 152 guests and a fully funded family adventure (plus money in the bank!) I guess you could say the rest is HISTORY! 

In this e-book I will show you exactly how we did it so that YOU can do it too!

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Do you travel or go on vacation at least one week a year?

​Do you care for your home but still have a "to-do" list?

Do you own your home?

Do your dreams look bigger than your bank account?

Do you want an experienced guide as you consider hosting?

Do you want the exact tools that will set you up for success?

If you answered, "YES!" then you'll want a copy of this e-book immediately!

I'll share our experience hosting and listing our home on Airbnb, what valuable information we learned along the way, tips for you to succeed right from the start, exact areas to focus on, and how to keep it all SIMPLE so that you can host and list your home for the long haul! Whether you want to maximize your home's earning potential one week out of the year for a family vacation or one month to travel the globe, this e-book is for you. 

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My initial thought about listing our home on Airbnb was “not in a million years!” I have a house “to do” list a mile long. How will I host while in another country with limited internet access? All I could see were roadblocks. An Inviting Home On Airbnb resolved every question, fear and hesitation I had. Sarah SHOWS you how to host well with clear, detailed, step by step instructions, personal examples and systems to make hosting EASY, sustainable and profitable. After I finished reading, I looked at my husband and said "Let's do this!"

Kristy Wacek

Does renting out your home for extra income sound like a great idea but fraught with difficulty? Are you worried about all the details? Do you want to make sure you play your cards right? Well, Sarah is the ace up your sleeve. Her dual passions for creating inviting spaces and faithful financial stewardship combine perfectly in this essential guide to listing your home on Airbnb. This book is easy to read and packed with useful information and real-life, practical tips on how Airbnb works and how to get the best possible results. Sarah walks you through the moment renting your home is a glimmer of an idea to the moment you've arrived safely back and are reaping the benefits of sharing your living space. Enjoy!

Hannah Clark


Chapter 1: Why You Should (and Can!) Open Up Your Home

​Chapter 2: How We Got Started Hosting

Chapter 3: "Stranger Danger!"​

Chapter 4: Not Perfect, But Clean

Chapter 5: Hospitality 101

Chapter 6: The Power of a Team

Chapter 7: Scheduling Your Team

Chapter 8: The Power of Reviews

Chapter 9: Six Things To Focus On

Chapter 10: Finding Your Niche

Chapter 11: Setting Up Your Home

Chapter 12: Setting Up Your Listing

Chapter 13: Setting Up Your Price

Chapter 14: Hosting For The Long Haul​

Appendix 1: To-Do List Before Guests Arrive

Appendix 2: Housekeeping Binder

Appendix 3: Home Binder

Appendix 4: Storage Sign​

Things I'll Cover!

  • I'll tell you why you don't have to wait to host until you have a perfect home and why you can START hosting with a clean and cared for home.
  • I'll address some common fears such as, "Stranger Danger!"
  • I'll share my favorite (and easy) hospitality tips for creating an inviting home for guests!
  • I'll tell you how to create a small team to allow you to host more often and with ease!
  • I'll talk about reviews, why they matter, and what you can do from the beginning to make them count!
  • I'll share how to store your belongings and how to make check-in as easy       as 1-2-3!
  • I'll talk all about pricing, how to determine your "Ideal Price" and what the benefits are to "Smart Pricing."
  • I'll tell you what information is helpful to include when you create your listing online and how to find your home's niche to stand out from other listings!
  • I'll give you exact steps, systems and tools to host with ease, time and time again!

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Hi, my name is Sarah. In 2012 our family of 4 became a family of 7, in a matter of minutes. Now, as a mom of 5, I long to cultivate our home to be a place of joy, beauty and rest; not just for our family, but for others too. I try to be intentional at home and simplify everything so that we have lots of time for one thing: To Simply Love More.

      "We can do no great things, only small things with great love."                                                    -Mother Teresa

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you cover hosting single rooms to guests too? 

No, this is a guide for renting out your entire home, all while you are off having fun!

Is this a physical book?

An Inviting Home On Airbnb is an e-book that comes to you as a PDF.  You'll receive it instantly so that you can start using the resources right away!​

Will you cover city guidelines?

This information varies from place to place. I recommend checking with your city to ask specific questions about hosting in your area.